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This precision curler is specially designed to add lift to outer corner of the eyelash. Great for deep set and difficult to curl lashes. Stainless Steel.

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Curlers Eyelash Tools Makeup Brushes & Tools Tools & Accessories

Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream is specially formulated to enhance eyelash growth damaged by pollution, sun exposure and makeup use. Its composed with petrolatum, castor oil, mineral oil, vegetal proteins, apple, witch hazel, horse chestnut, hypericum

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Wow, a multi-functional cushion that not only helps prevent blisters on your heels, but can also be used at the inside top of a mule, boot or slide to ease friction or help with sizing. Try them with your hosiery to stop runs and prevent slipping and sliding.

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Makeup Brushes & Tools Sets & Kits Tools & Accessories

Comes with extra-sharp blade for easy sharpening of soft pencil formulations. Molded to fit our Primp Stick & Nude And Improved perfectly. Available in solid black with chic-pink Jelly Pong Pong logo

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10X magnifying mirror sheds some light on what you’ve been missing. Also great for make-up application and contact lens insertion. Suction cups attach to any smooth surface. Moisten cups for stronger hold.

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Delicate washables won’t snag or fray in this three-dimensional, mesh bag. Ideal for home or travel. 13″x8″x9″.

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Get a perfect airbrushed look when applying liquid foundation. Use to apply, distribute and blend foundation into all facial areas for an even, flawless look. Use with liquid or cream foundation for a smooth, soft finish.

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Smooth and reduce calluses with this tool designed for professionals. A combination of coarse and fine filing surfaces help leave feet and other callused areas smooth and soft. Strong, sturdy handle provides comfort and power grip.

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Miss Oops Popper Stoppers are made from disposable, paper-thin material with an adhesive backing designed to prevent pregnant womens bellybuttons from popping through their garments. Latex free, medically approved with a non-adhesive strip in the middle that prevents irritation.

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Crafted from long lasting ceramic stone to create the ideal filing surface for shaping nails. Gently files without damaging nail surface. Unique design features a special grove for precise filing and a convenient tip for cleaning under the nail. File can also be used to gently smooth skin around nail. Includes a pen-like casing that keeps file clean and protected. Great for pocket or purse.

How To Use: File nails, using the side groove for precise shaping. Tip of file can be used to clean under nail.

Care: Handle with care. Ceramic stone may break or crack if dropped on hard surface.

Note: Misuse voids warranty.

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