Firm nylon bristles for precise lip-color application. 6 3/4″ L, extended. 4″ L, closed….

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Tops for Halloween, clowning and masquerade. Ben Nye creme makeups are easy to apply, blend and remove. Quality components and detailed directions help the novice and experienced artist achieve delightful, colorful and sometimes frightening effects. Instructors often reply on Kits for clowning, aging and masquerade. Ample supply of makeup will last through several classes, rehearsals or productions.

Components: Ghoul Foundation, Three Color Ghoul Palette, Black Pencil, Flat Brush, Sponge Applicators, Color Directions. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

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This seven-item Brow Kit provides the ideal beauty tools for achieving and maintaining perfect brows. A must-have solution!Kit contains:StencilsAngled BrushBrow PowderTweezersAfter Tweeze CreamBrow GelHighlighter

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Fix falling hems, hold up strapless dresses, secure revealing necklines, hide bra straps, eliminate gaps, and keep those straps from slipping….with our clear, double-stick “do everything” apparel and body tape! Now, isn’t life splendid! Includes 5 unique shapes for every fashion situation. Set includes 4 trapezoids, 6 curves, 6 original, 6 wide and 8 skinny strips!TO USE: Remove backing, press firmly to clean skin, dry, oil-free skin or fabric. Remove remaining backing and apply item to be secured. IMPORTANT: Remove tape before washing, cleaning or ironing garments. Pretest delicate fabrics. CAUTION: If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use. Do not apply to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin. Pretest for sensitivity or allergies. Have fun!

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Apply mascara perfectly, even if you just can’t stop blinking while applying makeup! Place between the eyelashes and skin while applying mascara to prevent mistakes. Features 18 grooves that promote the separation and lengthening of lashes during mascara application while providing an ideal backing surface to prevent smearing makeup.

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The secret of professional makeup artists, Lash Extender creates the look of artificial lashes without the bother. Brush on these 100% black rayon fibers between two layers of mascara for significantly longer, more voluminous lashes. .04 oz.

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This high-quality, deluxe, makeup mirror features regular and 5X magnification to assure flawless makeup application. Features panoramic view, main mirror and two swing-open adjustable side mirrors. Convenient outlet for other beauty appliances. Glare free florescent bulbs with four light settings: day, office, evening and home.

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Imported crystal nail file is the essential manicure tool for natural nails. Specially designed, ever-lasting abrasive surface. Wash, sanitize or sterilize for repeated use. Crystal File prevents natural nail from splitting and peeling. Shock resistant container protects crystal file from breaking. 5?

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